I never dreamed of becoming an author.

I don’t drink coffee. I don’t own a laptop, and I don’t sit in cafés eavesdropping on conversations. 


Unlike normal writers I don’t know a smile from a simile, a discourse from a dystopia/utopia, or an exegesis from a fatal flaw. And what the hell is a dangling modifier? Don’t look to me for advice on ‘How to Write Right’, or ask how my word count’s going.  Oh, no.

I am a high school dropout. A teen runaway. A factory worker. Suburban mother and wife.

I am also an avid reader—I devour words.  I’ve penned brief comedy skits over the years, yet writing an entire book (let alone four), was never on my radar. Obviously the universe had other plans. 

My literary achievements stem from winning national 25 WORDS OR LESS competitions. I’ve won $40,000+ in cash and prizes. I have no agent. No advance. I’m doing this alone. I’ve slaved in the factory, spent my life savings and cashed in my retirement fund to bring you my story.


I have a responsibility. A responsibility to share what have learned, what I have seen. I am here to share my angel with you, and all humanity. I always knew I had an angel, my mother told me so before she died. Yet I never imagined an angel would materialize. It’s funny, millions of people around the globe believe in angels. Yet if you say, ‘I have a photograph of an angel’ you get weird stares. I know, I tried. It’s no wonder I locked the cameras memory card in a safe for years, unsure what to do.

Mount Everest sparked my memoir. The year before the angel experience, my daughter Bonnie and I climbed into high altitude with an Earth Angel porter and guide. Nepal was epic. It opened my eyes to life. 

Everyone goes to Everest with a dream. Trekkers want Base Camp, mountaineers desire the summit. Pilgrims seek enlightenment, others need to find themselves. Not me. I was only going for a walk. Or so I thought…

So, here we are.

Thank you for joining me in my very first blog. I can’t do this alone. I’ll be honest, I’ve never written a book before. I’ve never written a blog, or managed a website. I don’t really know what I’m doing at all, but with an angel and your support I know we can achieve anything. Thank you. Faith has wings!

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