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Juliette Power is The Aussie Author


Juliette Power raises a number of controversial issues in her startling memoir:

Suicide. Domestic violence. Homelessness. Older man/younger woman. Spirituality. Existence of angels. Do suicides go to heaven? Why doesn’t anyone say the ‘D’ word (Death) anymore? How important is support? How important are mothers? Why do we lie? How do we process grief? Where do we go when we die? How influential are celebrities? Is it possible to manifest your future?

How would you feel if an angel manifested above you? What would you do if you had proof?

Download this list of questions for a lively Book Club or Forum debate.

Defined by Death   Driven by Desire    Drawn to Destiny

a memoir by Juliette Power

1. Does the book resonate with children of suicide and their grieving process? If so, how? Is this theme explored well? Explain, giving specific references.

2. Do you know other memoirs that address parental suicide or how children grieve? Discuss.

3. Does Juliette’s version of spirituality raise new questions or ideas? If so, what are they? Do you believe in angels? What do you think is their purpose?

4. It has taken years for Juliette to share her angelic vision with the world, why do you think this is? If you took a photograph depicting an angel, how would you feel? What would you do?

5. Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Is it possible to manifest your desires? Why/why not? Discuss.

6. What was the strongest emotion Juliette’s memoir evoked in you? Which scene? Describe.

7. Juliette’s life reads like a Hollywood script: after her mother’s suicide, troubled teenager runs away from home, and changes her name to an actress off a soapie. Thousands of miles away, against a Hollywood-style backdrop of swaying palm trees, a hunk-of-spunk rides into her life on a motorcycle. Can real life mirror a movie? Why do you think Juliette’s life unfolded as it did?

8. Bonnie asked her mother, Juliette, why she didn’t tell her how her grandmother died. Juliette lied about her mother’s death when Bonnie asked her years ago. Juliette said she was concerned about vulnerable teenage copycat behaviour. Was Juliette right to withhold the truth? When is the right time?

9. At eleven years old, Juliette accepted her mother’s death, yet she had no idea. What are the ramifications of unexpressed grief? 

10. ‘Passed away’, ‘passed on’, or ‘passed over’ is commonly used now instead of ‘died’, ‘dead’ or ‘deceased’. Why don’t we say ‘died’ or ‘dead’ anymore? Discuss.

11. Why do you think Juliette risked her life and that of her daughter climbing Mount Everest?

12. How did Juliette’s obsession with Hollywood celebrities help her in real life?

Do you have a crush on an actor? Who?

Do we substitute celebrities for voids in our lives?

Do you follow the advice of celebrities? Who? Discuss.

13. The media constantly urges us to ‘stay strong’. Despite being told by her father to stay strong after her mother’s death, Juliette says staying strong isn’t the answer. Did she find the answer? What do you think is the answer? 

14. Juliette’s bond with her brother Frankie remains tight, despite her deserting him. Why do you think this was?

15. How important was Pratap’s support in leading Juliette up Everest? How did their bond develop after their dubious start? Why did Juliette want to help him when the earthquake struck?

16. How can developed nations better help in times of natural disaster in third world countries? What role could the media and celebrities play?

17. Juliette frequently runs a ‘show reel’ in her mind as she imagines how an event should unfold then admits ‘it didn’t happen like that, it happened like this’. Is this normal?  Do you ever think this way?

18. In Iceland, Juliette struggled for hours trying to get ‘just one good photo’ of the Northern Lights. In the early hours of morning, without expectation, she captured a celestial vision beyond compare. What is the lesson in that?

19. In the Epilogue, Juliette questions why the angel appeared above her instead of Oprah. Can extraordinary experiences happen to ordinary people? Why do you think the angel appeared above Juliette? Could it or has it happened to you?

20. Do you believe angels look after us? If so, who do you believe they are? If not, where do you think people go after they die?

Juliette’s Angel: Death Desire Destiny, a memoir by Juliette Power is available in print and eBook. See her website for details:

Juliette’s World

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